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mini boombox stopped sending bluetooth connection

Another quick solution found via google,eh Duck Duck Go, thank you internets. My usually wonderful Logitec Mini Boombox all of a sudden stopped showing up for my ipod touch (nor for a second device, nor for my macbook pro). This … Continue reading

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sending an mms without getting charged for internet access

Being a low-budget retrophile, I waited a long time to jump on the smart phone wagon. And then only because sending text messages is such a pain without a touch screen. Plus, I wanted to finally be able to send … Continue reading

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share internet from ethernet over wifi

I’ve been enjoying using my ipod touch at home to play words with friends. I get the wifi from my mac, using it as a hotspot at home. The trick is in the System Preferences for Internet Sharing. snow leopard … Continue reading

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blow job revives old g5. really.

We have an old Mac in the house, a Power PC G5 from sometime in 2004. Yesterday it gave signs of impending death: no startup, no chime, blinking lights were the only sign of life… A google search led me … Continue reading

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Playing back a movie made in Picasa 3 on a MacBook Pro

I made a movie, or rather, I asked picasa to make me a movie out of an album of tagged photos. It’s based on photos of a friend in different situations, so the transition to pan and zoom to face … Continue reading

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Mac App Store – not sure I like this

Apple just released the Mac App Store this week. I’ve been trying to get my head around the changes and what they imply for me as a consumer. A lot of what has been written emphasizes the impact on developers … Continue reading

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delete blank page after table in open office writer – and word 2011

This has cost me too much time too often, so I’m putting it here instead of googling it every time. Problem: open office text document with tables ends up with a blank page at the end of the document if … Continue reading

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Snow Leopard and HP Laserjet 2100 Series Printer

(Update 21 Nov 2011: This issue seems to have been resolved by the latest software update for this printer. YEAH!!) This week I updated to Snow Leopard, OS X 10.6. Finally. There’s a specific reason I waited a while before … Continue reading

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learning photography through my ears

I’ve been getting into photography lately. That means I’ve been learning a whoooole bunch of stuff, from technical mumbo to creative jumbo. And get this: I’ve been learning through my ears. How? Podcasts. Lots of ‘em. How do you learn … Continue reading

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wbtexpress – free authoring tool for learning content

This is another one for the list to check out in more detail. WBTExpress The need to find easy-to-use tools for instructors to create content for online consumption is not new; my own personal interest has recently become more acute … Continue reading

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