Sakai hands-on user experience

26 may 2005 zurich

hands on workshop of sakai lms first unfiltered impressions…

slow! there are 20 of us in the room, yet each click takes quite a while before something happens…

the first task, joining a group space, took 2 tries

“they say” it’s going slow because they’re doing a load test (with more than 20 people somewhere?!). it seems like 20 people is not such a great load. hmmmm.

our role: “maintain” means that we can create content. for those of us for whom the “site” works, we can make a site announcement, or describe a worksite space (link an url to display in a frame that isn’t very wide – you can adjust the height though).

it’s too slow to let us use it ourselves, so we’re going to watch a demo instead. that’s it for a hands-on workshop 😦

they gave us a different server location, so now it’s much faster, though we don’t have all the same options as intended (no quizzes, for example)

ok, that was better with a faster server. in terms of features, there doesn’t seem to be anything overwhelmingly different or new compared to other lms systems

attention! achtung! alerto! sakai is not yet internationalized! no french, no german, no italiano “we’re working on it”

the next day, beyond the hectic of a one hour workshop/demo…

sakai has a pleasant feel to it, the user interface is clearly laid out and very usable. it was easy to accomplish the simple tasks we had to do. the real test would be to try and do the things you try to do after the first encounter. for example: load in a whole directory of html pages, customize the look and feel of different sites, arrange users into groups, etc.

one hour is simply not long enough to get into these more “nitty gritty” tasks.

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