Simple Learning Creator – not so simple

This tool for creating Flash format files has a kernel of potential: you edit text files to add content to a Flash template. Content can be text or images or other Flash files.

Simple Learning Creator

Maybe you can call it simple for someone who doesn’t mind editing a text file that is formatted as variable/value pairs (necessary for the template’s Actionscript code). Not really very practical for non-programming people, though. Besides not being very pleasant to use, it leaves the door wide open for unintended errors (delete a = or a & and then what?).

On the other hand, for people who don’t mind it’s techy nature, Simple Content Creator offers a quick (and free) way to create content in Flash.

Then again, if you’re just putting out text and static images, why not plain old html?

[update: Free Quiz Interaction is also offered free from Simple Learning Creator site. The same procedure is used to create simple multiple choice quiz questions. See above comments.]

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