EasyPHP to install and use Apache, MySQL, PHP on Windows

Just checked out: EasyPHP.org. (EasyPHP install guide has more instructions in English.)

This is indeed an excellent tool, delivering an apache, mysql, phpmyadmin installation that really is click and play.

When easyPHP is launched, its icon in the system tray blinks to let you know that the apache and mysql servers are running. A right click on the icon gives you quick access to log and config files, the localhost, an administration interface, stopping or restarting the servers, among others. From the admin interface you can go to phpmyadmin and start building your databases.

Special Bonus: because easyPHP is installed entirely in one location, you can install it on a USB stick too (not yet tested).

One downside, depending on your perspective: all the help pages and documentation seem to be in French, in spite of the fact that the language chosen at installation was English. Once it’s all installed, though, it’s easy enough to use that you probably won’t need to consult the docs very much. Excellent software (for free!).

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