lift06: in a few words

It’s been a few weeks, but the positive lift I got from the lift06 conference (awful pun intended) is still working. Here are a few words on each of the speakers I experienced (most were so good, that it was an experience, not just a passive listen).

One particular theme kept coming through: connectedness, people talking directly with each other…

David Galipeau: the killer app of tomorrow = social practices

Jean-Luc Raymond: to bridge the digital divide, people without access to computers/internet need more than just access – they need to know how to use that access. no access, no connection.

Paul Oberson: moving from the Polycrat, centralized model, to the post-Polycrat, decentralized model. This is valid in education as well as development.

Elena and Dan from Amnesty International: they mentioned 43things, so I jotted it down. Today I checked it out and it looks great – get stuff done with the help of other people who are trying to get the same stuff done. Web 2.0 pure.

Cory Doctorow: Historical view of the success of art – art succeeds if the Pope likes it > art succeeds if an industrialist invests in it > art succeeds if people like it. Exemplified by the music band without a label that sells its own CDs, a lot of them.

Pierre Dillenbourg: create life in the classroom!

Stefana Broadbent: people are using different channels (email, mobile phone, sms, fixed phone, im, etc.) depending on their relationship with the people they are communicating with. Each channel is used for different purposes, by different partners, with different intimacies. (Cost is a factor, but it’s not primary.)

Hugh Macleod: the changes that blogs are making in business – the changes are internal, how a business thinks about it’s customers. The best publicity is no longer word of mouth, it’s about disrupting markets: products that change the rules (skype example) make people talk.

Emmanuelle Richard: being anonymous on the internet, is it possible? desirable? who has what data about us? Check out NPR podcast with Xeni. What about personomies, personal search histories? Tor,, gosurf, bugmenot, mailinator…

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