collecting review comments on pdfs using acrobat

Apparently Adobe Acrobat 7 Pro lets you send out a pdf for reviewers (with reader 7) who add comments to it, then you can collect the comments and combine them. Definitely must look into this one.

From b cognosco review:$msgNum=1567
“With Acrobat 7 they have made it possible to create a PDF file with commenting enabled so that anyone using Adobe Reader 7 can delete text, insert text, or simply add editorial comments. When finished the entire PDF can be sent back to the originator or, even better, the comments can be exported into a separate file. The originator can combine comment files from multiple reviewers and import them back into MSWord to form the basis of revisions.” Or into a pdf, as noted by a commenter.

From pcmag review:,1759,1751158,00.asp
“the Pro version lets you e-mail PDF files for review; recipients can then comment on the resulting PDF files using Reader 7.0. When the documents are returned to the original sender, the comments can be combined and used for final editing. With one of our test documents, we experienced a glitch where a mailed PDF generated baffling error messages when opened in Reader; and, when opened in OS X Mail on a Macintosh, it was saved as two separate PDF files, one broken, one working. You may want to experiment with a trial run before making regular use of this system.”

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