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[addendum after listening]
Though podcasts are generally not expected to be ultra high quality, this one suffers a lot from background noise, low volume, scratchy yucky bleh.

Bad sound quality can be tolerable if the content is more compelling. But here the chit-chat to signal ratio is simply way too high. The conversation with Stephen Downes has pretty crappy sound quality (if you’re going to spend the time cutting it into 4 parts, why not edit out the cafeteria noise while you’re at it?), as well as an overabundance of that phenomenon that sounds like guys whacking eachother on the arm and reinforcing how cool they all are. Who cares what album Mr. Downes or Mr. WhatsHisName is embarrassed to have bought when they were 15?!

A good podcast is succinct, or if it’s longer than 15 or 20 minutes, it’s a fascinating conversation that you’re glad to get to overhear; that’s not what I’ve heard from the EdTechPosse so far…

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