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A tip via Martin Vögeli here.

You can upload videos to google, then you can embed them in a web page and google streams them to a flash video player – no external players, no additional windows needed.

You need to install a program to upload videos. When you upload, you enter some information about the each video you upload and confirm that you have all copyrights to the video.

Turn the page for answers to questions we had…

Question: Is there a limit?
Google’s answer:
“You can upload as many videos to Google Video as you like, without any size or length limitations. However, we do require the following:

* You must be operating on Windows 98 or higher, Mac 10.3 or higher, or any OS that has Java 1.4.1 or higher in order to install the Uploader.
* You’ll need a broadband connection to upload video.”

Question: Will the video be viewable by the whole world?
Answer: There doesn’t seem to be any option to limit who can view your video after you’ve uploaded it. You can put a price tag on it, but apparently anyone who can do a search and find your video (and has broadband ;)) can play your video. You can disallow other users from downloading your video if you want.

Question: What about copyrights?
Answer: You better have them. 😉
Google’s answer:
“The Google Video Upload program lets anyone who owns the necessary rights (including copyrights, trademarks, rights of publicity, and any other relevant rights for your content) submit videos electronically to Google Video.

To learn more about the Google Video Upload program or to sign up, please visit”

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