learning with podcasts – give me more

I’m loving listening and learning on my fruity mp3 player. Just yesterday I was listening to an interview with Adam Curry. OK, it was more like meet the stars than real learning, but anyway, light fare to accompany dishwashing has its place too.

Anyway, I went to his project webpage, called ipodder.org (don’t get waylayed to ipodder.com like I did). There’s a list of podcasts there in nice categorized structure. Under educational > higher education there’s a bunch of links to podcasts both about education and technology as well as a few with real subject matter like Law, History, Science, etc.

the interview on itconversations
higher education podcasts listed on ipodder.org

Plus, directly from within iTunes you can go to a category called courses and lectures, lots of stuff listed there too. My favorite is learnitalianpod.com. Va bene!

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