ID3 Tags for audio podcast files

It’s important to include so-called ID3 tags with any audio files that you publish as a podcast. Why? Many MP3 players display that information for each sound file, so listeners can keep track of what they have and what they’re listening to.

If you’re using Audacity to produce mp3 sound files, you fill in the ID3 tags when you export an audio file. The problem is that the genre tag doesn’t give you the choice of “podcast”, which is what you’d use for a podcast episode. Argh.

So how can you access and edit the ID3 tags to make sure you have all the right information included in the mp3 files that you publish? You can use iTunes to edit the ID3 tags. After exporting the Audacity file as an mp3, open iTunes and import it into the iTunes library. Right click on it and choose Get Info and you have the tags information. For genre, you can now choose “podcast” for a podcast.

Feature request for Audacity then: include “podcast” in the genre drop down list. 🙂

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  1. Jacques says:

    To quickly edit the ID3 tags of an mp3 file on Windows, right-click on it in Windows Explorer, select “Properties” and change the tags under the “Summary” tab (switching into “Advanced” mode if necessary).

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