Are you developing web applications? Read this…

Not this post, but this book: “Getting Real: The smarter, faster, easier way to build a successful web application”, by 37Signals.

37Signals are the developers behind some hugely successful web apps: Basecamp, Backpack, TaDa Lists and others. In “Getting Real”, they give a very readable account of how they manage to build their applications quickly and to the customers’ satisfaction without getting bogged down in the process (there’s only 3 guys behind the curtain).

Their writing style is a joy to read: lots of concrete examples, no blah blah, a friendly conversational tone. Best of all, they get to the point. And they make many points, helpful advice for anyone from coder to project manager to anyone who needs to get the job done, whatever the job is. It won’t take long to read this e-book of just 170 pages, but it’s not the thinness that speeds your reading – you may just not want to put it down. And when you’re done, you may just want to go out and build something.

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