Audacity 1.3.2 Beta released

Actually, Audacity released both a non-stable beta version (1.3.2) and a stable bug fix release (1.2.5) today.

A quick look at the beta shows a feature I’ve long been waiting for: selecting multiple tracks and time shifting them all together. Yes! This will be an excellent time saver for those of us who work with several tracks and regularly forget to add something in at the front of a recording. Up to now you had to shift each track individually. Nice improvement.

Next item on my wishlist is getting to choose “podcast” for the ID3 tag for genre when exporting the aup file as mp3. Alas, that’s not in there yet, but it’s hard to imagine it won’t get there by the time this goes productive. At least the genres need to be listed alphabetically. Have to be patient…

The label track is still independent from the sound tracks, which means you can’t have a label move with a track after the track has been edited. For that particular wish there’s always Amadeus, a nice and affordable single track sound editor.

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