Apple and IDG Global on Podcasting for Learning

Apple and IDG Global have put out a pdf paper on podcasting used for learning. A bit long at 10 pages (fullfilling a need to appear “academic”? ;)), though it covers some basics for the uninitiated too.

The examples from higher education appear to focus on broadcasting entire lectures via podcasting, or on content produced by learners themselves. The article doesn’t miss opportunities to plug Apple, of course (“This will require a podcasting infrastructure, such as Podcast Server from Apple…”). It also gives the false impression that podcasting and iPods go hand-in-hand (“The ubiquity of the hardware – some 60 million iPods have been sold worldwide…”), a myth that may prove hard to kill over time.

Where are the examples of teachers that are doing something other than just repurposing traditional lectures to distribute them via podcasting?

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