Blogging to Learn…

This article on, Blogging to Learn and Learning to Blog points out what it is about blogging that makes sense to me: blogging to learn.

I’m not someone who feels a need to blog out loud personally, au contraire: Blogging for me is about keeping track of interesting bits of info related to work, in order to share them with colleagues and refer to them later on.

In particular, I find these points in the article pertinent:

“Most learning in organizations is informal…”

“Blogs provide a mechanism for employees to write about what they are doing and learning in their jobs…”

“They are a bottoms-up approach to communication and knowledge management.”

The article then goes over some guidelines for using blogs as knowledge management tools. IMHO blogs don’t eliminate the need to share coffee, but they can certainly help to fill in the blanks between regular meetings, or allow meetings to take up a bit less time reporting and make more time for exchanging.

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