Learning Activities Made with Flash

The folks behind the Te Kupenga site in New Zealand have made several made-with-Flash learning activities available free for use under a Creative Commons license. Eight different types are offered, represented by their names: Categorize, Folders, Image Labeller, Matching Pairs, MP3 Player, Sort Order, Story Time, and Visual Multiple Choice.

Here’s a quick sample made with the ImageLabeller activity. Drag the dot over to the corresponding satellites:

[kml_flashembed movie=”http://nte.unifr.ch/blog/data_flash/imageLabeller/imageLabeller_05.swf” height=”360″ width=”600″ base=”http://nte.unifr.ch/blog/data_flash/imageLabeller/” /]

Each activity has a demo to look at, plus a download link, and most of them have instructions available. Though the site and it’s forums (it’s a Moodle course) have been quiet for some months, the activities do seem to work. A closer look at the Image Labeller revealed a problem with the printing functionality, but otherwise the activity itself seems to work stably. Maximum image size is limited to about 500 px wide by about 300 px high.

Initial efforts to contact the developer have gone unanswered, unfortunately, as these activities could offer a good starting point for further development. (The source files are not available on the site.) All the same, they could prove to be quite useful for engaging learners in online activities.

To see all the demos and download the files, just sign up for the course called Instant Activities at the Te Kupenga Moodle site.

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