Display a feed in a different html page

We call our podcast the EdutechNTE Podcast because both Edutech and the Centre NTE are involved in producing it. Initially it was displayed only in the blog hosted at the NTE website. We decided, however, to display it as well on the edutech.ch website, on its own podcast page.

How to have one feed live in two neighborhoods?

We were able to make use of a handy php library called MagpieRSS. It provides the functionality of parsing the feed into arrays so you can access the feed elements with simple array dereferences. The instructions provided by MagpieRSS are pretty straight forward, yet there were a couple of bumps that we got over with help elsewhere. In the end we gathered the necessary info and extra parts (flash player, for example) at these addresses:

Tech note: One mysterious glitch was the array dereference $item[‘pubdate’] instead of $item[‘pubDate’] – for some reason no caps ‘pubdate’ worked whereas ‘pubDate’ didn’t, even though that’s how it appears in the feed.

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