2000 courses on french wikiversity

Came upon a news item announcing French Wikiversity’s 2000th course, and discovered the existence of Wikiversity (late to the game again, apparently). Surfing over to the English Wikiversity, I found this description of its Learning Projects Portal, which gives an idea of what learning at Wikiversity is about:

A major part of Wikiversity learning is being organized around Learning Projects and Learning Groups. Wikiversity has adopted a “learn by doing” model for education. Wikiversity editors are encouraged to provide Learning activities for Wikiversity participants. Wiki technology promotes collaborative webpage editing and collaborative wiki editing projects can be thought of as “learning projects” — participants learn while they edit wiki pages and explore topics of interest.

What does that mean concretely? A close look at the description conjures images of learners going out and discovering things and then writing it up. Hmmm. Sounds like school? Probably depends on how much interaction happens in the Learning Groups, and just how active the Learning activities are. That will take more time to check out, so… to be continued.

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  1. Thanks for sharing – some decent information about the Wikiversity.

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