macbook pro not waking from sleep

Argh. This has happened often enough lately to get me to consider bringing in my macbook pro for service before the 1 year guarantee runs out.

Apparently plenty of other people have had sleep issues with MB Pros, either not going to sleep or not waking from sleep. What’s really annoying about it not waking up is that in the end you have to do a hard reboot, which means you lose whatever you were working on when you decided to give the machine a nap, a *big* interruption in workflow when you return from the kitchen.

First thing I’ve decided to try (before running down to the Apple Service folks) is to uncheck “Put the hard disk to sleep when possible” under the Energy Saver System Preferences. I did this for both battery and power adapter settings (usually I have the mb pro plugged in).

Others have decided to disable Deep Sleep mode using the Terminal (thank you Mac OSX Hints). I think I’ll try that too. Not a scientific approach, alas, but this problem is irritating enough that I’ll try 2 things at once – if it’s OK afterwards, I’ll forfait finding out which worked/didn’t work.

I also decided to recover the hard disk space that deep sleep uses.

Since this problem happens occasionally (haven’t reproduced it, don’t know if it’s reproducable), time will tell if these changes work.

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8 Responses to macbook pro not waking from sleep

  1. Jonathan says:

    Any joy with this yet?

  2. Jonathan says:

    I’m going to try this solution, rather than changing settings yet. j

  3. noah little says:

    Hi Jonathan. Yes, so far this is working fine. It wakes up much more quickly now. (This is especially nice after taking a break watching a dvd. 😉

    Also there’s apparently not a risk with lost data in ram: One time I ran out out of battery power, the PBP went to it’s no-more-battery sleep state as expected. I had to wait to get to an outlet before getting the PBP up again – but there was no problem with the things I’d been working on when the sleepdown happened. (I’d wondered if that would be a risk, but maybe I just didn’t understand it all.) So far so good then.

  4. macbook air says:


    Thanks for the tip!

  5. Albin says:

    i have the same problem with the macbook pro not waking up after going to sleep. I started using the program caffeine that keeps my computer awake.

  6. David Moore says:

    Hi, I have had not waking from sleep issues on both my macbook pro and iMac. I made a few posts on my blog you might like to look at:

    and finally a summary post on all the other issue I am having or have had this yeah.

    I hope you find the post informative even if they only show that we share the same problem 🙂

  7. noah little says:

    Actually this problem is gone for me – knock on wood. I can tell that a *lot* of people are struggling with it just from the traffic this post gets. I think it’s the most visited post on this blog.

    Good luck David!

  8. Lobo says:

    Do you possibly have an airport card that is disabled? Try if enabling airport helps – it did for me.

    Ciao, Lobo

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