moving your wordpress blog with export and import

David asked how the heck all those posts got from one blog into another (this one). If you’re using WordPress, the dashboard offers a very nice, straight-forward way to export your blog posts to an xml file. That file can then be imported into a different WordPress blog. No idea how you’d import them into a blog of a different flavor, but there are probably some options out there.

It’s all under the Manage menu, take a peek at this screenshot:

export wordpress blog

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6 Responses to moving your wordpress blog with export and import

  1. Lisa Lubin says:

    Hi Noah-
    I’m scouring the internet for help.
    I’ve just started to go self-hosted–> from to self hosted using WP software. I’m trying to import my blog XML file, BUT it’s too large. It’s 3+ MB and the WP software says it can only import 2MB file or smaller. What can i do? I’ve seen some posts talking about ‘splitting up’ the XML file into smaller files…but i don’t understand how to do this and need step by step instructions. Can you offer me some help, please??

  2. noah little says:

    Hey Lisa,
    I didn’t run into that problem, but if it’s possible to split up the file that you import then all you need is a text editor… and some info about how to split it. I assume you could just do 2 imports then.

    How’s your XML? Can you point to a post or two that talk about that? My XML skills are rudimentary, but probably good enough to walk you through.

  3. Lisa Lubin says:

    Hi Noah-
    I finally got a tech at BLue Host to help me.
    AND i did not have to split my XML file into smaller files. All i can say is this is what the support tech said he did:

    I went through and cleared all the php.ini’s. I disabled FastCGI. I then created a brand-new php.ini.default; I fixed the parameters, renamed it, and put it in the proper folders. Logged out and logged back in…
    Set php5 again to take effect of the changes

  4. noah little says:

    That’s great Lisa, thanks for the update. And happy travells! 🙂

  5. Lisa Lubin says:

    Hi Noah-
    I’m not sure where to ask this?
    I’ve recently started self-hosting w/ WP. I uploaded and then imported my XML file.
    All my comments are there in the admin panel under comments, BUT they are not showing up on the individual posts that they were originally written for. Each post says “No comments” even though the comments did import. They somehow lost their ‘link’ to their respective posts. Any ideas?

  6. noah little says:

    Hi Lisa, just a couple of wild guesses without seeing it all up close… are you using the same theme in both places? do you have commenting enabled in the new blog? Hmmmm…

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