extracting audio out of an mp4 movie

This is the next step from the previous exercise, where we converted a dvd into ipod movie format, chapters and all. Great for the other part of we that has a video ipod. 😉 Those of us with “only” a nano that doesn’t play video need an audio-only file. So the next step is to get the audio part out of that. (Handbrake unfortunately doesn’t offer an audio only option, at least not that I can tell.)

So we could go back to the dvd probably, but for now I wanted to try to get the audio out of our freshly baked mp4 file. It’s not too difficult after all, and many tools exist out there. A quick test with ffmpegX worked fine, pulling out the audio into several formats (mp4, aac, ac3), taking only minutes each time. (I fumbled with the different formats looking for one that included chapter marking.)

Problem is, those didn’t seem to bring in the chapter marking. Picky picky picky. But chapters would make listening to individual lessons on the dvd much, much easier: there are parts that really are not necessary to hear repeatedly, so skipping around to specific chapters would be nice.

So we got audio. One big hour and a half chunk of it. Next challenge will be to pull out just the audio but this time with chapters. It might be necessary to go back to the dvd for that one… stay tuned. So to speak. 😉

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