finally found the pause button for iriver ifp 899 – sort of

iriver ifp 899

Yes, I still use an iRiver IFP to record podcasts and other sounds on the go. It gives you very decent quality, doesn’t cost much, lets you use a line-in mic, and packs really small and light for those impromptu spur-of-the-moment recordings.

The iRiver’s biggest downfall: it is one of the most unintuitive devices you’ll ever struggle to use. Of the gazillion things you can do with it, I use about 2 or 3 – the ones I’ve more or less memorized the button clicking sequences for. That’s how unintuitive it is.

It took me over a year and a half to figure out how to pause playback. No kidding.

Today I hit peak frustration and went hunting for the manual (if you lose it, iRiver provides a downloadable pdf too). I was determined to find which click combination would allow me to listen to a recording and – imagine that – pause playback while listening!

I admit, I didn’t really figure it out myself. I gave up after 10 minutes, left the kitchen and the manual on the table, and headed for the office and the google search bar. Two minutes later I hear “hey! that’s how it works!” from the kitchen…

So, ehm, I’m told it’s right here in this other part of the manul: a settting under the General settings called Resume. Sooo, I set that to “on”. It’s still not a pause button. But it works just as well.

To pause, you turn off the device while listening. Then you turn it back on. When you turn it back on, it resumes where you left off.

Why should I expect the user manual to be any more user friendly than the device itself? Doh.

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