flash on the beach rocks, I mean, rawks. nice swag too.

Definitely rocks. rawks? that’s how John Davey, the organizer of flash on the beach, spells “rocks” in American. (Would that be “rucks” in British? ;))

flach on the beach rocks

However you spell it, this conference is a must goToAndPlay for anyone within traveling distance. Or even if you’re not that close, it is worth the trip. John and his team do an excellent job of putting together the sessions, and creating an atmosphere of friendly inspiration. When you leave this conference you might be sad that it’s over, but you’ll be happy to get back to your favorite computer spot and play with all the new things you’ve learned over the 3 or 4 days. For me, that’s the sign of a truly great event.

In later posts I’ll go over what some of my personal highlights, for now just a word or two about the swag (isn’t that why we go?). This year’s freebies came in a bag, but not the typical wimpy shoulder bag: this one has room your laptop, and more fits into the three sections, it’s padded (meaning you can actually use it). You can carry it as a backpack, or zip the straps away and use the sturdy handle. I even saw someone who had put their own shoulder strap on it.

The freebies inside, now here’s where it gets pretty cool. This is Flash on the Beach, after all, check it out: flip flops! and a towel! Both with the lovely flash on the beach logos. No excuse now for that geeky white complexion.

Also in the bag was a set of postcards with artwork from many of the speakers. Usually I wouldn’t get so jazzed with this kind of thing, but this year I made a point of going to sessions that I otherwise might not, and came away with an appreciation for the creativity that has pushed Flash from it’s beginnings: people make really amazing art with Flash.

Add to that a tee shirt from Adobe, with goToAndPlay(flashonthebeach) on it. Nice. And it comes in both men’s and women’s models, way to go. Very nice. (You had to hand over a business card to the Adobe bees for that one, but hey, it counts.)

And finally, a 50€ discount on the fdt plug-in for Eclipse from powerflasher. This is indeed a great tool for Flash coders, particularly if you’re working in a team, or if you come from a Java background and are looking for an Eclipse set-up similar to the jdt plug-in.

Heard about that in one of the sessions, but session notes will come later… for now, save the dates for next year’s Flash on the Beach 2008: think it was September 28 to October 1, that week anyway. Nice how they keep pushing it up a month each year, before you know it we’ll be at the beach in summertime. 🙂

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