flash on the beach ’07 – aral balkan on swx

I had been looking forward to hearing Aral Balkan talk this year at flash on the beach, not only because he’s an entertaining and interesting speaker but also because I’d been wanting to play with swx for a while. Watching him demo it in person was a good impetus to get my own experiments going.

Aral promised to talk about swx, baby! And that he did. After an intro on why we all need swx so badly (probably preaching to the saved for most of us), and a couple of bumps due to network trouble, Aral still managed to get a very quick demo going that showed how simple it can be to access data with swx. His impromptu 20 minute demo on the next day was even more impressive (no network probs helps!). Maybe the bunny sabotaged him. 😉

If you’re on a mac, he’s made a nice SWX PHP MAMP bundle available (Mac, Apache, MySQL, PHP), so you can test on your apache web server using MAMP, an easy to launch application that controls the Apache and MySQL servers.

MAMP was new to me, as I usually just run the built-in apache server on Mac by starting it via Terminal or even with the Sharing Preferences Panel. Using MAMP is tons easier, just launch the app and it will start both servers and open up a start page of your choice. Nice. Already a free goodie, cool. 🙂

That’s where I ran into a little glitch with the MAMP SWX bundle, though. Aral has made some nice screencasts for using swx, in which you see the MAMP set up opening directly to the SWX welcome page. When I started MAMP, however, it opened up it’s own default page (the generic welcome to MAMP page).

To get the SWX start page to open up when launching MAMP I needed only to change one of its Preferences: on the Start/Stop preferences panel, I changed the Start page url from “/MAMP/index.php” to just “/” (no quotes).

I wonder if that’s a necessary step, or if there’s a preconfiguration of the SWX MAMP bundle that’s off just a little? Or maybe it’s me that’s off just a little. 😉

Anyway, now that it’s up and running I’m really looking forward to playing with it. This could make life a lot simpler for an application that uses AMFPHP remoting right now, but broke when we had to move it from one server to another…

Great stuff, thank you Aral!

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