update: no more blue screen of death

As described in an earlier post, I had a problem (with Tiger 10.4.9) getting the blue screen of death when starting up. It occured when the MacBook Pro was not plugged in, and when an external monitor was attached that wasn’t powered on either.

Today I did more than 10 startups under the same conditions as when the blue screen problem happened, and no more blue screen! 🙂

Two things have changed since: I repaired the hard disk’s permissions with Disk Utility and I updated to 10.4.10. Not sure which of those actually did the trick as I didn’t test in between. There was a little strangeness when I did the restart after the 10.4.10 update: the bsod happened once, but a forced shutdown and another startup brought the MBP back. Since then no problem (fingers crossed, knock on wood!).

It seems like the MBP is recognizing the external USB drives and keyboard more reliably too.


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  1. Geraldine says:

    Hi Noah. I literally got my macbook yeaterday. My friend brought it for me from USA I live in Ireland. It was working perfectly but I put in the OS disk 1 to load it up (by the way I know nothing about macbooks) but my battery was running down so it cut off midway. I tried to start it up and all I got was a blue screen. I was reading through the comments on your page but don’t really understand the jargon. Could you help me please..?

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