svnX: nice subversion gui for mac

Just tried out a gui application for subversion on mac called svnX. This might be especially interesting for windows users who have switched over to the mac but are missing their TortoiseSVN.

svnX gives you an attractive cocoa interface for an easy to use wrapper for subversion. (Subversion should already be installed before you use svnX – if you need to do that still, check out this nice subversion package from Martin Ott.) It didn’t take long to get it up and running, to take advantage right away of the convenient windows for your working directories and your repositories.

Here’s a screenshot of the repository view (as provided by La Chose Interactive, Paris-based makers of svnX):

synx screenshot

Some days you might just not be in the mood to use the command line. Open up svnX instead. 😉

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6 Responses to svnX: nice subversion gui for mac

  1. noah little says:

    A quick update on svnX… been using this for a week or so now and am loving it. It makes using subversion a lot easier, especially if you’re someone who prefers filling brain space with more interesting things than command line syntax. 😉

    I can highly recommend this nice gui for subversion.

  2. dragz says:

    i think the name is svnX not synX.

    anyway thank for the info. gonna try this 😉

  3. noah little says:

    Yes indeed! Thank you dragz, I’ll correct those. 🙂

  4. Luke Gedeon says:

    Okay… This is the top entry in Google for “how to use svnX”. So this would be a great place to include a link to some place explaining how to use this thing. If such a site exists.

    I have read how to do stuff at the command line, but I am not sure how to translate that into the GUI. I was not sure what to do with some of the command line stuff either.

    How did you figure this thing out?


  5. noah little says:

    Wow, I had no idea about those Google results. Guess there’s not a whole lot out there.

    It took me a while to wrap my brain around subversion, made more difficult by having to get up and running on the command line really fast to work with a coding team that used it.

    One major resource for understanding subversion itself is “the book”:

    The svnbook is a big reference, but also has a short section on the essentials. With the help of that I was able to get how subversion works; after that, getting going with svnx was pure pleasure. The concepts of repositories, working copies, checking out, updating and committing all transfer over to svnx pretty much one to one. What about this thing are you trying to figure out?

    Maybe a screencast is called for. Hmmmm…

  6. Luke Gedeon says:

    Well there is stuff like to make a tag in svnX you have hit “SVN copy” button. I learned that at:

    I tried that for making a branch too. I think that worked.

    Other problem I was having is that I had to enter my password in the repository box and in the working copy box. I only had it in the repository box and so I was not able to commit.

    I think if I try hitting enough buttons I will eventually get it. I am just concerned I am going to mess something up.

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