excellent how-to tutorial for recording interviews on skype

Doug Kaye and Paul Figgiani of the Conversations Network have put together a fantastic audiovisual guide to recording skype interviews. It’s about 20 minutes of essential info about setting up your system to optimize recording quality. If you’re doing any remote interviewing for podcasting or any other purpose, take the time to listen through, you’ll be glad you did. The word is out: skype quality is there.

Doug and Paul tell what you have to do very nicely, explaining in a simple, straight-forward way (even if you just understand the jist of it and not the whole story). Some of the main tips include:

  • use a usb headset, even a cheapo will do
  • position your mic up near nose to avoid breathing noise (!)
  • close all unnecessary apps! to free up cpu power, especially network apps
  • use a good broadband connection
  • record stereo with host and guest each on a separate left or right channel
  • record in uncompressed, high quality format
  • set up your router for permanent private IP address
  • set up port forwarding to avoid relays
  • use the Levelator on your audio files

The last few items there might not mean much to you, but if you listen to the slide presentation you’ll have all the necessary details and the specific step by step instructions to set up your recording for great quality skype interviews.

An excellent resource, big thanks to Doug and Paul and the Conversations Network!

Some links mentioned in the presentation:

Levelator – if you’re doing *any* audio, just get this freebie, it’s amazing.

Skype doh! šŸ˜‰


USB Plantronics Audio 650 Headset


Audio Hijack Pro (mac os x)

CallBurner (windows)

Sox utility to merge mutliple files into stereo file

Bias Peak Pro

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