macintosh maintenance basics from typical mac user podcast

Just listened to a very informative podcast about maintenance for your mac from Victor and Steve on the Typical Mac User Podcast (TMUP). What’s great about this episode is that you don’t need to take notes – it’s all in the show notes! Very nice.

Victor and Steve go over the things you need to do every month and every 6 months, with a bit of background on why you need to. The details are over at TMUP, but here’s the very short version that I scribbled down. I’ve downloaded MainMenu, a freebie app that makes it really easy to actually do the necessary maintenance. Close all apps first (of course you knew that 😉 ).


  • Update your OS
  • Update your apps
  • Run daily, weekly and monthly scripts (as in MainMenu)
  • Repair disk/file permissions (also before and after installing system updates)

Every 6 Months:

  • Zap PRAM (also counts as finger agility training ;)) *
  • Rebuild Launch Services
  • Delete and rebuild system, user, internet and font caches (don’t do this more often)

This is of course not the same as doing backups, which you should be doing regularly anyway. I recommend Victor’s Typical Mac User Podcast for learning about how to use your mac; once a month you get this special episode with both Victor and Steve, called “maintenance Sunday”, where you learn about keeping your mac healthy. Good stuff.

* The Zap Your P-RAM Digital Agility Exercise:

1. Press and hold the COMMAND, OPTION, P and R keys during startup
2. Continue holding down all four keys until you hear your Mac reboot fives times or so
3. Release COMMAND, OPTION, P and R

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