the head first formula

I’ve been a Head First fan since the very first book in the series came out (from O’Reilly Media). For me, the ideas behind Head First learning books are right on, whether you apply them to books or to any learning situation. The folks over at Head First Labs have posted a new page that lists the simple yet brilliant principles that make up the Head First Formula. This is a keeper, for sure.

Check out the page for the details, it’s a great read. (If you’ve ever opened up a Head First book, you’ll recognize it as the introductory part that explains the book’s approach to the reader.) In short, the goal is to get your brain’s attention. How? Use pictures, people, redundancy, activities, multiple learning styles, stories, challenges, questions, to list just a few.

The Head First Formula page also lists some excellent learning tips, practical stuff like drinking water and not trying to absorb too much new material at one time.

I especially like the brain drawing at the top of their page. It’s message could be my mantra:

I learn, therefore I am. : -)

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