color profiles from illustrator to flash

I’m clueless about basic graphics, but have been dealing with some issues caused – apparently – by color profiles. After importing some illustrator files into flash, the colors were not being displayed correctly. The hex codes in the color palette were right, but when I saved and sent the file on to someone else, they were not seeing the right colors. (It wasn’t a monitor thing, since she could clearly see the difference between the right and wrong colors being displayed on her screen.)

So far I’m not much smarter, but I picked up a hint or two that I’m jotting down here as a “note to self”. Here’s what Nik says over at

  • Flash only has one colour profile: sRGB
  • Photoshop has loads and tends to use Adobe RGB
  • So when file comes into Flash, Flash ignore the colour profile and just uses sRGB
  • When opening a file in Photoshop, always choose to use the embedded colour profile
  • Then copy the file and convery (edit > convert to profile) and choose sRGB

    To be continued…

    OK, here’s another tip I found at the MacRumors forums. Here’s what Evo says:

    Flash has no color management. You need to bring in your images with their profile to ensure color consistency. A good way to do this is to assign the profile in Photoshop(Edit Menu–> Assign Profile) to the image and then import into Flash. Most of the time if you use Adobe RGB 1998 for web images, when you save for web, the colors get desaturated. However, if you use the sRGB profile, the colors are preserved when you choose save for web and import into Flash.

    Soooo, from where I’m sitting it looks like this… If you’re working with Photoshop or Illustrator files and importing them into Flash, you need to embed the color profile in the file in Photoshop or Illustrator before you import it into Flash. Which in some cases (like mine, when you don’t have these nifty but very expensive programs) you need to ask the person sending the files to you to do the embedding first. Hopefully that’ll do it!

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    1. Alex says:

      Thanks for the very usefull post, but howerever I still got a problem with the colors when i add the sRGB color profile. The thing is, I don’t want to import a jpg, but an .ai file into Flash.
      Also, shadows in the Illustor file (added with Photoshop), appear to be white in Flash. Anoying!
      Allready found a good solution for this?
      Thanks in Advance!

    2. noah little says:

      Hi Alex. There was one thing that helped us a bit with the particular problem we were having (files saved by me were not displaying the correct colors).

      I asked the person sending me the .ai files to send me a flash file where the colors *were* displaying correctly, and found that she was using a much reduced, custom color palette. I saved that color palette as a .clr file, and now I use only that for any files in this particular project. Not sure this will help you out, but it seems to have worked for us so far.

      When I open a file, I go to the Color swatches panel, then to the menu on the right of the panel bar and do “Replace Colors…”. Then I replace the original color swatch with the dozen or so colors specific to the project.


    3. mepine says:

      Very useful post! I have the same problem.

      Do you use Mac? It seems it is the problem only on Mac.

      Please take a look at this topic:

      No matter how I adjust the color settings in Illustrator(in Edit>Color Settings, in Image Preview panel, in Bridge), the color in my workspace won’t change much. So, so far, I can only understand why the problem exists, but cannot solve it.

      Anyway, thank you for the useful post!

    4. noah little says:

      You’re welcome mepine. Yes, I’m using a Mac, as well as the person who sent me the files. Thanks for the link to the discussion on, a site I’ve found quite useful.

      Best of luck trying to solve your problem (sorry I can’t be of more help).

    5. Copying Adobe Illustrator files and pasting them directly into Flash alters the colour.

      I’ve had this same problem for ages. The only work around I know of is to open your System Preferences, go to Displays > Color and change the Display Profile to ‘sRGB IEC61966-2.1’.

      It seems that Flash can only see the color that is from the paste board and not its colour as nominated by Illustrator. It’s not so much of an Adobe thing as it is a Mac thing. Same way as if you do a screen grab it saves it with the colour profile of your monitor.

      Please let me know if anyone finds a better fix because this is a serious annoyance especially if you not only work on web stuff.

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