Cathy Moore uses and reviews Dragster

Cathy Moore is an expert in making elearning activities, well, active, or as she says lively. Dragster, an online app from Webducate, lets you create drag and drop activities in Flash without having to know the Flash part. Put the two together and you get an online learning exercise to check how human some dialogue is, plus a review of Dragster as a tool.

I’ll quote her review here, but do go to the dialogue exercise and check that out too.

Here’s Cathy Moore’s review of Dragster:

Dragster mini-review

To create the activity, I used version 3 of Dragster, an easy-to-use web tool that creates Flash drag-and-drop activities that are SCORM compliant. A basic version of the tool is available free; the version I tested costs £45 a year.

Dragster screen shotThe workflow is intuitive and fast. Once my graphic was ready, it took less than 15 minutes to create and publish the activity in Dragster.

I got confused once, when I thought I could save some draggable labels and edit them later. Apparently, once you’ve saved the labels, you can’t change them, though you can add more labels.

The technique for defining target areas will be familiar to PowerPoint and Keynote users: you draw an invisible shape over the target area. Because your shape can have an almost infinite number of points, you can accurately define complex “correct” areas. You can also set up “close, but not quite” areas. (I just used super-easy rectangular targets.)

The draggable items can be images or text labels. You can save learners’ scores, and learners can also collaboratively work on an activity and add their own labels. One feature I would recommend for future versions is individual feedback for each dragged item, such as a hint that appears when the learner drags something to the wrong spot.

Your customization choices are limited, but that’s a fair price to pay for speed and ease of use. Learn more at the Dragster site.

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