ImageWell – exactly what I need!

Sometimes you come across the perfect app. OK, I haven’t tested ImageWell long enough to say that it’s perfect, but it sure feels good. Finally, an image editor that does just the basics, just the quick resizing and other simple tasks that I need so often.

imagewell from

It opens really quickly, yeah!! With other image editing software it often took longer to open than it did for me to do whatever I needed to do. And I only do quick edits: resizing, cropping, eh, what else? Rotate, that’s it. Not much.

Thing is, ImageWell doesn’t stop there. It does offer other very nice, dare I say it, features. But they don’t get in the way if you don’t need them (yet); rather, you notice them when you peek around and you think, oh cool, I’ll use that some time for sure, looks nice (like the only-when-you-want-it editing screen with text, watermarking, and simple drawing objects). Plus, you can easily send the freshly edited image to iDisk, or add your own locations (a folder, ftp, sftp, WEBDAV, flickr, and others).

Very, very nice. I tried out the trial and paid after minutes of editing pleasure. 🙂 At 20 Canadian dollars paying does not hurt at all.

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