pdf and flash add-ons – love firefox 3!

One thing that I (used to) miss when I come home to my Mac after working on a Windows machine all day: viewing pdfs directly in the browser. Found a pdf browser plug-in, but it didn’t work on intel macs. Sigh.


But wait: there is a solution, but you have to download Firefox 3 first. That was enough for me,  I went ahead and got FF 3 so I could install the Add-on Quartz PDF Plugin. (Um, is that an Add-on or a plugin then? ;)). Worked right away. Yes! Highly recommend it.

What was also really nice about installing FF 3 is that other Add-ons (plugins? extensions?) that got broken  had working alternatives. Flash Tracer, for example. And Delicious. And Resizable Text Area.

Then the real icing on the cake: Flash Switcher! I didn’t even know that existed for Mac!  Happy me. Grazie Alessandro (aka sephiroth.it, well known friend of Flashers :)).

So what is the difference between a Firefox add-on, extension, and plug-in?

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