summer cleaning – empty the trash!

Today my MacBook Pro was behaving strangely. Worst of all one app that I was about to use refused to open. Strange. Completely unsystematically I started to do things I thought might help. Repaired permissions. Restart. Uh oh, freeze at shutdown.

When I forced shutdown and started it up again, the fans were buzzing away. The Activity Monitor showed big spikes for reading and writing data. Whatever that means. Then I poked around in the other Activity Monitor info and found that my disk was getting very close to full. Uh oh.

I know that it’s not a good idea to leave less than about 10 or 15% of the disk available (learned that the hard way). So I went searching for that particular info and came up with a reference on Freeing Up Hard Disk Space. Nice. First item on the list: empty the trash! Wow. That was a bunch of space on my disk, I could literally see the difference in the Activtiy Monitor pie chart. So now it looks like there’s about a quarter of the disk available. That’s better.

A side note: I wasn’t able to empty the trash the “normal” way (Finder > Empty Trash) – it kept telling me that items were locked or in use. So once again, Main Menu came to the rescue and let me do a Force Empty Trash (no, I can never remember the special keyboard combo for that). Ahhh, breathing space again.

It’s definitely time to figure out some better data management. Or do some more serious cleaning of unnecessary files. Soon. đŸ˜‰ And soon after that, I’ll follow some of the suggestions from Mac Rumors about Enhancing Performance of your Mac. Very soon.

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