knowledge is finding waldo?

Just listened to Stephen Downes’ ustream on connectivism, an intro to his and George Siemen’s massive online course, Connectivism and Connective Knowledge. He said something that struck and stuck: What is knowledge? Knowledge is like finding Waldo.

Can you find Waldo? Can you then unfind Waldo?

Can you find Waldo? Can you then unfind Waldo?

Finding Waldo? Actually it’s more like unfinding Waldo. First find Waldo in the image above, for example, then try then to unfind Waldo. Ahaaaa. Now it makes sense.

Knowledge sticks. It sticks like Waldo does once you’ve found him and you try to unfind him.

“An inability to see something any other way.”

Actually, he gets more into it than that.  Give the ustream a listen (just about 15 minutes). It’s really too bad that this recording isn’t a plain old mp3 that you can download – the ustream video isn’t really necessary (talking head) and it drops out a lot.

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