seth godin: powerpoint is for ideas

I am a PowerPoint nay-sayer. Blame it on the hours fighting off sleep in a darkened room while someone who’s supposed to be telling me something really important lulls me into a brainless trance with a gazillion, packed, PowerPoint slides.

An antidote: Seth Godin has posted nine steps to PowerPoint magic, a very worthwhile read.

While I love the fact that his number one step is not to use PowerPoint at all, I wonder why using your very own personal font matters so much that it’s number two. OK, he says, “It’s subtle, but it works.”, I’ll buy that; but number two?

I’d place more importance on his number four step, “Pay by the word”. In other words, limit the text in your PowerPoint slides. He says it better: “…words belong in memos. Powerpoint is for ideas.” Hear, hear.

Now just to convince university professors of that…

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