blueharvest plays well with windows server

Yes! Clean ’em up!

I’ve been trying out BlueHarvest, a little preferences panel app that allows you to keep mac junk off a windows server. Today I discovered that I can clean up a volume where I left a bunch of ._DS_Store and ._filenamegoeshere clutter before I got BlueHarvest. (Very easy: right click the volume, choose clean it  up with BlueHarvest and that’s it.) The really satisfying part is when I opened the log and watched BlueHarvest deleting them all… and there was a lot.

As long as I’m working from one place on a Mac, saving files to a Windows server, and then accessing the server with a Windows machine somewhere else, I’ll be quite happy to have BlueHarvest keeping those pesky resource forks out of the way. Well worth the $US 12.95.

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