head conference experiment – first results as user

I signed up early for the <head> conference (previously known as singularity). The idea is appealing: a conference that is really affordable, promises great speakers, and doesn’t require any travel.

And has a cute little robot named Alvin.

Best talk so far: Your design sucks!  with Paul Boag. A recording of it is online here (thanks to an enthusiastic attendee):


That’s pretty much the only one that I’ve truly enjoyed, others were kind of so-so, underwhelming, certainly not compelling enough to justify staying in with the – arrghhh – perfect weather outside. Paul’s talk came just in time to save the day. Maybe it’s just my mood.

This is an experiment, after all, and it’s been important to remember that. For the next run then, I’d have a little wish list:

  • sound check, sound check, sound check. too loud! this is a persistent problem that improved only slightly through today, the last day of the conference). My system audio was at absolute minimum, but I had to wear my headphones on one ear only to reduce brain blast for practically all talks.
  • post schedule earlier. worldwide means various time zones, and it’s nice to be able to plan ahead a little to catch the ones we can. and that brings me to the next point…
  • provide recorded sessions immediately, at least during the event. given that we can’t attend all sessions (4 in parallel, time zone differences), the social side of the event would be enhanced if we could watch recordings while everyone is around still. I know that after an event my attention is taken up with other matters very quickly.
  • reduce speaker lineup. less is more. this is a challenging setup for any presenter, so really only the best can pull it off well.

It’s a huge undertaking, and I’d say the experiment is a success, even if I’m not feeling all that excited by it right now.

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