JISC online conference: innovative e-learning 2008

Are we prepared?. Hmmm. Maybe not.

I signed up late for this conference (on the 3rd day of it!), so didn’t get to follow jisc’s recommendations for getting the best out of it. That included signing in two weeks before it started to get a jump on the reading materials. Reading materials? For a conference?

I had hoped to be able to listen in on live talks on the last two days, but it seems I missed them. The “presentations” are mostly file-based: powerpoints (some with audio), or pdf files. After hunting around for a schedule, I found that there were very few live presentations – or I just couldn’t find them, either way, no luck there.

It feels more like an old-fashioned online course than an innovative internet conference. Alas.Tons of reading on screen (or printing and reading) and asynchronous forum discussions.

The forum idea is good, I guess, if you get in early enough and did the homework. Unfortunately, the forum tool displays the discussions with topic titles only, so you can’t quickly browse a discussion to decide whether or not to jump in. Lots of effort involved, just to get oriented. Work. Bleh.

There is some audio, either attached to ppt presentations or available as sound files. It’s baffling to me how a conference about innovation can refer to non rss-based audio files as podcasts. Wha? Maybe I’m too demanding. Maybe e-learning innovation will come from somewhere other than academia. I kind of hope so.

Since we have access for a month still, I’ll spend some time trying to pin down what might interest me and check them out, maybe. My first impression is disappointment, not very enthusiastic. As for the question, “Are we prepared?”…

…If this is where the forefront of innovative e-learning is, then, no, I don’t really think we’re ready. 😦

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