woohoo! picasa for mac is out. but what about the latest iphoto?

Hmmm. Apple announced some interesting improvements to iPhoto just this week. And today I stumbled upon news about Google finally releasing picasa for mac! Decisions decisions…

iPhoto’s way of managing image files has always rubbed me the wrong way. I’d prefer to have a little more control, or at least more direct access to the image files. Maybe it’s because their default system just isn’t intuitive to me. Pictures > iPhoto Library > Data??  or is it > Originals? oh wait, what about > Import > Originals?  bleh.  And that system has changed over the years. Which brings me to the present problem: changing. Ouch.

After years of using iPhoto, with some rolls imported and named, some not, many photos in albums, many not (OK, I wasn’t the only one who was inconsistent) the task of completely transfering and reorganizing my photos is daunting.

So I’ll probably download and play with picasa for mac. But it may take a weekend with the doors locked and a raging  storm outside to get me to actually move to it. Wait and see what others do, find out if there are some nifty automagic moving tools, upgrade to iPhoto 09, what to do, what to do? Ditch it all and pay for Aperture?

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