YouTube Edu

A bit late to the game, just discovered YouTube’s Edu offering of videos from university partners. They describe it as “videos and channels from our university and college partners”. Without taking the time to dig deeper, I wonder what it means to be a partner and how a college or university gets to be one.

A quick browse through the videos shows big names like MIT, U Penn, Carnegie Mellon, Hofstra, Tulane, and others. I took a peek at an MIT lecture from 2002, apparently a prof’s review lecture before exams. Ever wondered what an MIT lecture on Electricity and Magnetism might look like? Go on, be brave:

Fortunately there are videos with content other than straight recordings of college lectures, interviews with Noam Chomsky for example.

I’m looking forward to browsing a bit more. First quick impressions: interesting, worth exploring, curious about the value.

Who da thunk?

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