when does a snapshot become a photo?

Are you trying to move beyond taking “snapshots”  into making decent photos? How do you know when you’ve gone beyond taking snapshots? Don’t get me wrong, I love snapshots, all the gazillions of them stuffed in shoeboxes or hiding out on my hard disk.

Recently I’ve been learning a lot about photography through podcasts and experimenting with a used Canon 350D that I bought for the purpose. Nicole Young, a successfull  iStockPhoto contributor, was recently interviewed by Frederick Van Johnson of This Week in Photography fame. She mentioned how submitting photos to iStockPhoto is a learning experience. So of course I had to check it out…

And they have this cool article where you get to see the difference between  a snapshot and a photo that iStock would accept as sellable material: Are you taking snapshots? A *lot* of the difference, not surprisingly, is about composition, your photographic eye as it were. A great resource for anyone who’s got the bug to create nice pictures, with or without intentions to sell on iStockPhoto.

Here’s a sample, can you say what it is that make this a snapshot?

Check out the photog’s own explanation and sample changes.

Click! Click! Click!

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