group study and note taking in moodle with mediabird

Just came upon a nice little note taking plug-in for moodle. Mediabird allows students to take notes and share them if they want to, as well as publish questions about their notes to others in their study group. They get to form their own group(s), and so don’t depend on instructors, nor are they limited by rigid rules about group activity. The youtube intro is worth a look:

The plug-in needs to be installed at the site level by a moodle administrator, of course. Wonder if system administrators would have any hesitations about security, data protection or other concerns that sys admins are supposed to have (for good reason).

One to keep an eye on…

Via D21-Projektblog at Danke!

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  1. scheppler says:

    Gerne 🙂
    Fine to see that our posts find their readers. And I do agree that mediabird is a great combination of the benefits from wiki and blog. But as you said, the smooth integration into moodle made it an eyecatcher for my daily work with young students.

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