firefox, swfobject and zotero not playing well together

Argh. Four steps back, none forward, can we start over today?

Couldn’t get a swf to display in Firefox today. Found out pretty quickly that it had to do with the swfobject code used to embed it. Search search read read argh argh. Some folks with similar probs found out that they had to put the swfobject js code in the head section of the html page. That’s where mine was. Search search read read argh argh. Aha, plugins. Disabled the latest one, zotero. Bingo.

Looks like Firefox 3.5.4 with Zotero 1.0.10 plugin and the swfobject.js do not play well together. Zotero has been sent to sit in the corner.


Thanks to this post for turning the lightbulb on:

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