delete blank page after table in open office writer – and word 2011

This has cost me too much time too often, so I’m putting it here instead of googling it every time.

Problem: open office text document with tables ends up with a blank page at the end of the document if the last table fills the previous page. Why? A new line character refuses to be deleted on that last blank page. Here’s what I found on

In OpenOffice writer it seems that tables insist on being followed by a new line. This means that you cannot get rid of new line characters between tables. It also means that you cannot get rid of a new line character when it follows a table at the end of a document.

This latter case can mean that you need to reduce the size of the bottom page margin just to make sure then new line character doesn’t get printed on a new page.

What ought to happen is that there should be no new line of text after a table unless you actually want one.


Not a Bug.

Go to end of paragraph in right bottom cell.

Find other useful shortcut keys in the help in part “Shortcut Keys for Tables
in Writer” in chapter “Shortcut Keys for Writer.

On a Mac that’s cmd + shift + delete

update: Was having this same problem in Word 2011 for Mac, and found an answer at Tech Republic:

select the par symbol and change its font to 1. gawd.

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16 Responses to delete blank page after table in open office writer – and word 2011

  1. louic says:

    Thanks for the info! It is unfortunate that this is not considered a bug. These are the kind of small annoyances things that will make me change to another word processor. Unfortunately, there is not much choice. And this is certainly not the only issue of strange, unwanted behaviour of openoffice (or their big competitor, for that matter)

  2. Rody says:

    Thank you for this!
    Louic: I hear you on that…”it’s a feature, not a bug”…blegh!

  3. akeena says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I’ve spent so much time trying to find a way to delete that last annoying character..Good thing you decided to share 🙂

  4. Matt says:

    Much thanks! I’ve tried to fix this on several forms I’ve created and while I ran across the cmd+shift+delete before, that poster failed to mention I needed to go to the bottom right cell of the table proceeding the unwanted newline. You’ve saved me a tremendous amount of grief!!

    You wouldn’t know how to rotate a table 180 degrees by chance would you?

    • noah little says:

      I’m glad it helped. That solution comes from a forum discussion somewhere (forget to note that) – it’s here so I can find it more easily myself. 😉

      Sorry, can’t help with the rotation question…


  5. Erik Stirof says:

    Life saver!

  6. This is the only recommendation I could find that actually works. THANK YOU!

  7. hanuma says:

    Thank You so Much. Great.
    I spent 4 days on this issue. at last i found this information and my issue Fixed.

  8. Valentijn Gallotti says:

    Thank you so much for this information, I have been getting way too annoyed over this useless ‘feature’.
    I actually decided to leave it like that but my brain insisted I gave it a shot with google so I ended up here 😀

  9. Josh S says:

    Thank you! Just dropping by to leave a comment that this info was useful yet again! And, because you posted this online in an easy-to-find format, I wasted less than 10 minutes on it (sorry for those of you who spent days on this).

  10. Annon says:

    This bug has been biting me for a while too. Sucks that they don’t listen to bug reports.

  11. Adam says:

    Thank you for posting this. First page on Google. Finally I can get rid of blank pages so I can just print the document without having to manually specify page ranges.

    Now if only the developers would learn from pages like this and solve these issues permanently…

  12. Eric R says:

    Thanks so much for posting this! You deserve a cookie or something nice :0

  13. Anony says:

    This problem always really ticks me off!!!
    Thankfully this page comes up high in the google search.

    Can someone let OpenOffice to put in as an option for individual users to decide.
    Sure keep it as is for the default, but give us the option of having it work as expected, as All other office programs have worked since before WordPerfect in DOS…

    I kept looking at the un-deletable paragraph symbol and I keep thinking how absolutely ridiculous that this basic programming error and error in logic still exists.

    It seems to me that openoffice does many things just like this to:
    1. test the patience of users,
    2. quickly discourage new people who try it,
    3. just to be hostilely contraire (to any other office software since the beginning of time).

    And I encourage everyone to forward this to every programmer of OpenOffice software.
    Give us, the users/your customers, the ability to customize the contraire functions to what has become industry standard or what is obviously intuitive in other software to the majority of people over the decades.

  14. Mark Bulla says:

    Thanks for the answer to this – I was pulling my hair out for two hours! Unfortunately, it’s moved down in Google a bit, so I had to go through several non-answers before I got to this. Seems simple, when you know!

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