Mac App Store – not sure I like this

Apple just released the Mac App Store this week. I’ve been trying to get my head around the changes and what they imply for me as a consumer.

A lot of what has been written emphasizes the impact on developers and the developer ecosystem. OK, fine, but what about the average owner of a mac? Especially the one who likes to have a little control over how things get in and out of that mac?

Before doing any serious research, my first impression is: whoa, wait a minute. The OS upgrade will include an application that is a store? A store will be installed on my computer as part of an OS upgrade? That feels creepy.

Do I have a choice? Doesn’t look like downloading the OS upgrade allows you to not install the Mac App Store.

To buy something from the store I would need to create an account (or use an existing iTunes store account). But…

…there’s a lot I don’t know yet. Is the OS and any updates to it now tightly coupled to software that stores my purchasing info (credit card? purchase history?). I’d kinda like to keep those things separate.

Will future OS software updates happen only through the store? The change in menu in this image from Cult of Mac’s review makes me wonder. Maybe the “Software Update” menu item would still allow OS updates. Who knows?

No trial versions, so have to go the developer’s web site to test before buying. That is, unless I’m ready to start stacking up some impulse purchases. Not really.

So far, it kind of rubs me the wrong way. I’m going to wait and see. Right now I see more negative than positive.

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