sending an mms without getting charged for internet access

Being a low-budget retrophile, I waited a long time to jump on the smart phone wagon. And then only because sending text messages is such a pain without a touch screen. Plus, I wanted to finally be able to send photos/mms (old feature phone didn’t have that feature).

Lo and behold, my new cheapo smart phone, a Samsung 5360, couldn’t send or receive mms because I hadn’t activated data packets (internet access). When I did, mms worked. But I was told that I’d be charged for internet access with each mms also, as well as anytime the os or an app checked for updates automatically. What a scam.

After a bit of looking around I found out that it’s possible to set the phone to use data packets for mms only. Thanks to the user at the end of this forum discussion:

Thank you to “crocodile” for these instructions:

1 Push the menu button and pick Settings
2 Pick “Wireless & networks”
3 Pick “Mobile networks”
4 Make sure “Use Packet Data” is checked (MMS won’t work if you disable it!)
5 Go to “Access Point Names”
6 On my phone, the only APN here was named “ATT (wap.cingular)”
7 Scroll down to the “APN type” setting.
8 On my phone, the original value for this setting was “default,supl,mms”
9 Change its value to be only “mms”.
10 Push the menu button and pick “Save.”

…I can now send and recieve MMS but cannot connect to the internet so no data charges.”

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