mini boombox stopped sending bluetooth connection

Another quick solution found via google,eh Duck Duck Go, thank you internets.

My usually wonderful Logitec Mini Boombox all of a sudden stopped showing up for my ipod touch (nor for a second device, nor for my macbook pro). This is why I keep a little speaker wire connector in my bag of tricks for work – just in case, and glad I did.

Anyway, it seems the Mini Boombox needed resetting of some sort. I read about one method and tried it: hold down the volume up and down at the same time for more than 10 seconds, then turn the speaker off and then on again. This worked, kind of. Maybe it’ll work for others.

What did work in the end was to press down on both symbols in between the volume controls, the ones that look like a phone and a bluetooth B. Held that for a bit, turned it off then on, and bingo, it worked. Yes! Back in action, no wires needed.

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