about me

Noah Little is a person (though it’s not my name).

It’s also an attitude. Know a little. Ask a lot. Learn. Keep learning.

This blog started while I was employed at a Swiss university elearning support center, working as a techno-pedagogical support person. I’m continuing it here since there are still times when I have the urge to write about learning and technology, among other things. Why?

I love to learn. I use this blog to jot down some notes about the latest interesting thing I’ve stumbled upon, an online collection of post-it notes as it were.

Topics? Check out the categories and tags over on the right side: e-learning, podcasting, …

Passions? Learning, podcasting, sharing the latest tidbits with my partner, raising our new puppy!!  watch this space for my latest passion.

Want to contact me directly?
noah dot little at gmail dot com

5 Responses to about me

  1. mike thiem says:

    amazing, you could of written this description for me.
    I am working as the techno-pedagogical support person, i too love to learn etc etc
    More bizarre my partner and myself just got two puppies.
    At the moment i am interested in a online collaborative space where learners can construct representations of fractions, using drag and drop or shared whiteboard?

  2. noah little says:

    Hey Mike, wow. I haven’t come across something like that, but if I do I’ll keep you in mind and post back. Good luck with the puppies! Two, wow.

  3. noahlittle says:

    Surprise , surprise the name is around the world afterall?

  4. Tom O'Connell says:


    You’re the man… thanks so much. I didn’t know what a jerk I used to be on windows

    you should have a donation box for paypal.. this eliminates the last major mac annoyance (errr… windoze annoyance)

  5. Jan says:

    Can we test your course in our school moodle?
    Thx, Jan

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