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group study and note taking in moodle with mediabird

Just came upon a nice little note taking plug-in for moodle. Mediabird allows students to take notes and share them if they want to, as well as publish questions about their notes to others in their study group. They get … Continue reading

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Michael Kerres’ experiment with Moodle and SCORM

Michael Kerres writes about recording a lecture using Camtasia, saving it as a SCORM object and then using it in Moodle. The circa 20 minute-long lecture object includes slides, audio and a made-with-Camtasia quiz. Michael Kerres post link to the … Continue reading

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UCLA goes with Moodle

As stated on their webpage titled UCLA IT Strategic Vision: In November, 2006, the UCLA Faculty Committee on Educational Technology decided that UCLA should converge on Moodle as the single open source platform for its common collaboration and learning environment … Continue reading

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Michael Kerres on the success of Moodle

Michael Kerres talks about the factors that contribute to Moodle’s success as a learning platform. The sound file is available as an MP3 download near the bottom of the page, called dll-pod2.mp3 (in German). He lists 3 main hurdles that … Continue reading

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Set up and maintenance of Blackboard vs Moodle

from accidental pedagogy http://accidentalpedagogy.typepad.com/accidental_pedagogy/2006/04/set_up_and_main.html Apparently Bb and Moodle come out more or less the same…

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